Our Fuel Division has been received with great excitement by the industry in general. Our clients are taking advantage of the fact that we design, install and maintain the entire energy supply process on their behalf. For many of our clients our service has led to unprecedented savings for them.

Technoburn is a market leader in the Fuel & Combustion Engineering industry. With this reputation comes massive responsibility, one that we at take very seriously. We are committed to bringing alternative fuels combined with our specifically engineered energy solutions to each of our clients. Our highly innovative team of support technicians (who provide their expertise and service round-the-clock, all year round), give our clients a unique peace of mind.

As perhaps the only company in the Western Cape that can provide a truly turnkey energy solution, Technoburn believes in the ethos of sustainable waste-to-energy streams. Our founders have created The Moai group of companies, all of which have a recycling element to their business plans and with a mission to minimize CO2 emissions.

Our aim is to complete the oil cycle, from waste oil collectors to treatment, to distribution all under one group of companies, supervising the whole process from beginning to end.
Our site in Athlone has a fuel storage capability in excess of 1 million litres of oil and holds accreditation for ISO 14001 and 18001.

Part of this accreditation applies to the recycling of all forms of waste within the Moai group of companies. We are registered with IPWIS as a waste oil processor on a local and national basis.

Technoburn also holds a fully compliant and nationally approved integrated waste management plan. This is our commitment to environmental awareness and ‘going green’.

Our long term investment and our commitment to our clients has instilled a sense of integrity into our industry. This has resulted in an ever-increasing client base, many of whom are blue chip companies. We take pride in being the only company in the Western Cape who can provide a truly turnkey energy solution.

The supply of fuel oil is our core business. Our technical and sales team can assist you with the best fuel for your application, as well as designing and installing the correct equipment for your application and budget.

All our fuels come with the support of our excellent team of experienced technicians. Technoburn provides a variety of fuel to industry ranging from illumination paraffin to intermediate and heavy fuel (HFO) as well as recycles recovered light oil blends.

Variety of Fuel

These include:

  • Illuminating  paraffin
  • Intermediate fuel
  • HFO (heavy furnace oil)
  • Recycled recovered fuels
  • Light oil blends.

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