Installations & 24 hour technical support

Our clients take advantage of the fact that we design, install and maintain the entire industrial energy supply process. For many of our clients our service has led to unprecedented savings. In addition to supplying steam generation plants or outright purchase of capital equipment, boilers and burners, Technoburn also offers a steamsale solution. With this solution, clients pay only for each ton of steam produced which doesn’t involve capital expenditure.

A comprehensive site analysis and a client needs evaluation results in a client entering into either a fuel or energy supply agreement and being billed per ton of steam generated by the plant over a fixed term. This is an ideal solution for many start up production facilities or facilities that require upgrading.

Besides supplying steam to factories, some clients prefer Technoburn to handle the complete boiler house management, thereby freeing up staff and resources to focus on their core business objectives. Technoburn service and maintain the installation according to the manufacturer’s operating specifications and current legislation – including conducting statutory annual and three-yearly inspections and much more.

Our highly experienced team of technicians are able to service most commonly found boilers and burners and are available 24hrs a day to attend to any technical needs.